--- So what is FVFC Youth Group all about?

This group for 11-18’s meets every Friday (term time only) 7:30-9:00pm to look at the Bible in an exciting, relevant way for the members. We play games, eat food, chat, getting to know each other and pray for things going on in our lives and have socials. We also encourage the members to have an input into socials, and the programme.

On Sundays we meet during the morning service, going out after about 15 minutes to explore the Bible and see how much God really does love us and how He and the Bible are relevant to us today.

--- Upcoming Events …

Date Event Description Date Event Description
07th September 2018 Launch Event : CY it’s worth Exploring 09th November 2018 Questions
14th September 2018 CY Jesus Matters 16th November 2018 Social
21st September 2018 CY Jesus Came 23rd November 2018 Your Topic Night
28th September 2018 CY Jesus Died 30th November 2018 How To Read Your Bible
05th October 2018 Social 07th December 2018 How To Pray
12th October 2018 CY Jesus Lives 14th December 2018 Christmas Party
19th October 2018 CY God Accepts US 21st December 2018 Christmas Holidays
26th October 2018 Half Term 28th December 2018 Christmas Holidays
02nd November 2018 CY We Should Believe 11th January 2019 Geneses in the Beginning                      =

--- Join us for an exciting series called Soul?

SOUL is a life-changing journey for your +15 group through Mark’s Gospel in seven interactive sessions, plus a weekend or day awaySOUL
Explore the Bible’s answers to the big questions of life and discover the best news you’ve ever heard.

It’s news about God.
It’s news about you.
And all of it is about Jesus.

The seven-episode series explores the identity, mission and call of Jesus, and every DVD contains a printed copy of Mark’s Gospel so viewers can follow the story for themselves.

--- Meet Chris, our Youth Worker at FVFC!

Chris has been married to Ruth for 5 years. He moved down to the Worthing area about 8 years ago and loves telling teenagers about Jesus in ways that are relevant to the members and loves making sure they feel relaxed and can open up about their thoughts and questions they have.

He is very into his cars and likes the Fast and Furious films and would love to have a Nissan GTR. He is part time at FVFC and when he’s not sharing the love of Jesus with 11-18’s you can see him driving his van around working with a local charity and a Christian bookshop helping them set up and move stock to the different Christian festivals around the country.

You can contact him on:

youthworker@fvfc.org.uk or 07713 909216

Normal working days are: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday & Friday