Our Latest Series – Corinthians

Join Andy on Sunday mornings for an exciting look into the book of Corinthians as we navigate through 16 chapters as we learn more about what God has to say to us and His Church.

--- Planned Messages

DATE: 02nd Sep 18 | 01 Called : To Be Saints (Intro)


DATE: 09th Sep 18 | 02 – Called : To Be Thankful


DATE: 30th Sep 18 | 03 – Called : To be One


DATE: 07th Oct 18 | 04 – Called : To be Fools


DATE: 21st Oct 18 | 05 – Depend On The Power Of The Spirit


DATE: 28th Oct 18 | 06 – Depend On The Wisdom Of The Spirit


DATE: 04th Nov 18 | 07 – Build With And On God


DATE: 11th Nov 18 | 08 Build By Sons, Servants and Stewards


DATE: 25th Nov 18 | 09 Built By Humility & Suffering


DATE: 06th Jan 19 | 10 Church Discipline


DATE: 13th Jan 19 | 11 Judge : Sin Against Your Brother


DATE: 27th Jan 19 | 12 Judge : Sin Against Your Brother


DATE: 03rd Feb 19 | 13 Sin Against Yourself


DATE: 10th Feb 19 | 14 Marriage


DATE: 24th Feb 19 | 15 Singleness


DATE: 03rd Mar 19 | 16 Divorce


DATE: 17th Mar 19 | 17 Christian Freedom


DATE: 24th Mar 19 | 18 Freed To Deny For The Gospel


DATE: 31st Mar 19 | 19 Deny My rights For The Ministry


DATE: 07th Apr 19 | 20 Freed To Flee From Idols


DATE: 28th Apr 19 | 21 -Freed For The Gospel In Culture As The Church 


DATE: 05th May 19 | 22- When We Gather Part 1


DATE: 12th May 19 | 23 – When We Gather Part 2


DATE: 02nd Jun 19 | 24 Gifted Body Part 1


DATE: 09th Jun 19 | 25 Gifted Body Part 2


DATE: 23rd Jun 19 | 26 – Loving Body


DATE: 30th Aug 19 | 27 The Most Important Thing


DATE: 07th Jul 19 | 28 – Loving And Gifted Body Part 1


DATE: 14th Jul 19 | 29 – Loving And Gifted Body Part 2


DATE: 28th Jul 19 | 30 Resurrected Body


DATE: 04th Aug 19 | 31 Glorified Body


DATE: 11th Aug 19 | 32 One Gospel, One Mission, One Body



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December 2016


“2016-12-18-am” from Weekly Sermons by Findon Valley Free Church (Baptist). Released: 2016. Genre: Sermons.


This week we carry on our Advent Series on Stages of Faith, looking at Zechariah asking: Was he perplexed after his encounter with God?


“2016-12-04-am” from Weekly Sermons by Findon Valley Free Church (Baptist). Released: 2016. Genre: Sermons.

November 2016


Joint evening service at Findon Valley Free Church. 


This morning we begin an advent series looking at 4 characters in the narrative of Jesus Birth: Mary, Joseph, Zechariah and Elizabeth. We will look at the stages of faith that may be a part of our own journey of faith and explore what might learn from each of those phases. This morning we look at ‘Mary: Simplicity’ 

2016-11-20 am

“In our final sermon in our series on prayer we explore different ways of using the bible to help us pray: from the questions Martin Luther asked of any text to picturing ourselves in the scenes we read.”

2016-11-13 am

“Greater love has no-one than this…. Hwo do we respond to the greatest sacrifice that could be paid for us? Such a sacrifice demands a response: what is yours?”


In this the second of our mini series on prayer we explore the essence of prayer and ask: “if it really is a conversation with God, how is that like any other conversation we have?”

October 2016

2016-10-30 am

We start our mini-series on Prayer looking at Genesis 32 and Colossians 4, recognising that for many of us prayer is a struggle and seeking to address those struggles.


An overview of what God has been saying in our series on “God Almighty: Father, Son and Holy Spirit” and our series on “Micah 6:8.” Looking at Acts 2 as a model for making disciples – befriending and sharing faith through the activities the church runs and in the wider community where God has placed us.